Who are We Are Family?

We Are Family came out of the support to parents’ work of Alternatives Trust East London.  It was originally created in response to the needs of a group of 4 mums who all had no family support around them when they had their babies.  The group was aptly named by them, with the format for the sessions being modelled around what they needed to help them become good parents and to feel cared for, providing a safe place to share their fears and doubts and to learn new ways together.

The name We Are Family, (WAF for short) sets the ethos for our group. The mums requested parenting and life skills teaching, and also needed very practical support so we started a weekly session and began to teach and train in those areas of need. It felt right for us to start every session with food and to provide a crèche to allow the parents some time to think and learn together without their children. The group became a community of women who became connected as friends and grew together on their journey of learning and growth.

We welcome new people

We now have around 30 families regularly attending our Monday parenting and life skills teaching sessions each Monday. Would you like to come along? You would be very welcome.

Every session has been carefully planned to be welcoming and affirming within a safe, supportive environment, giving time and opportunity to explore issues which may touch on past pain, but with the intention of producing real change in parenting and self-care.
The We Are Family ethos is always highly important.  This well-known plaque says it well…

We have added to this – We do third and fourth chances, indeed as many as are needed, and we do messy!

The We Are Family group has a properly managed crèche which also provides planned sessions of age-appropriate play while the mums learn either parenting or life skills.  The crèche models good play and quality time with the children.

Everyone’s birthdays (leaders, helpers, parents and children’s) are celebrated, and Easter and Christmas too with cake, presents and a party.  There is an annual outing to the beach.

Sometimes guests are invited to lead the We Are Family group with appropriate expertise, e.g. local police provide self-defence lesson, contraceptive nurse provides contraception knowledge and can sign people up, a librarian led a session on reading and was a gateway to the library, and a nutritionist led a session on the importance of food knowledge.  If guests are invited we always share with them beforehand the ethos of the group as it is very important to always have an environment of safety, support and affirmation.

Why does We Are Family work?

We Are Family works because of the acceptance, support and relational connections between us all.  We aim to give affirmation and affection and support each other.  As our name implies – we aim to be family for those who don’t have a healthy family support network.

Please contact us if you have any questions.