No matter what your situation or background, as parents there may be times when we need support. We Are Family is a place for parents to bring their children, where they can have fun in a relaxed environment, spend some time talking with other parents, learn new parenting skills and gain confidence.

Refreshments and a crèche are provided, and there are group outings in the summer.

We Are Family also provides support outside of the group hours as individual needs arise.

We meet on Mondays from 11 am – 1 pm in the Children’s Centre, at the back of Memorial Community Church on Barking Road, Plaistow (opposite the police station).

To view our weekly activities please download our ‘What’s On’ guide here.

For more information contact us online here or by calling us on 0207 476 8215.


‘In this house we do real…

we do mistakes,
we do I’m sorry,
we do second chances,
we do fun,
we do hugs,
we do forgiveness,
we do really loud,
we do family,
we do love,
we do messy!’ 



Please check out the video below which shares the personal experience of three of our mums. We hope you like it.